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  • Mac mini g4 nav

    I just now putting the finishing touches on my carputer. I am running a g4 mac mini with os x 10.3.9. I probably will upgrade the os system at some point. It jus sucks it cost $$60 to 100 for the install disk. I couldnt find a good front end for it either, so i decided to just run the os. I cant find a good nav software for it. Could anyone help and point me in the right direction.

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    This board is not really helpful anymore. I would recommend RouteBuddy ( I'm not sure if 10.3.9 is supported.


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      Hey there!
      It has been a bit barren here for awhile, but there are still people here in the community!! To add in some extra cents in your question, RouteBuddy is perhaps the only current option for navigation on a G4 Mac Mini. The thing is, you'll need to upgrade to 10.4 to get the full benefits. And, if you're used to the Garmin/TomTom/Magellan GPS devices, RouteBuddy may seem like a step back. Hope it works out for you, though.
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