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  • Apple Tv in car Project started

    I have purchased (a certain bit site) an Apple Tv1 for my car (I have one at home and use it all the time with about 12,000 songs on it synced from iTunes and a great deal of them are wav files so large storage needed).
    I have got a unit with a 640GB hard drive inside(sata) for the extra storage.
    I have tonight removed the Apple internal power supply and connected it to an external 10 amp 5 volt regulator and has now been running for 4 hours no problem the heat sink on the external power regulator isn't even warm, current in amps tested at 1.05 amps to max of 1.5 amps at 12volts (suggested 7.5 amps elsewhere on the net.
    I am going to leave it running all the time so i can sync it when its parked via wifi and also for quick start up time, the voltage regulator has a shut of so if the battery gets too low it will shut of leaving enough to start (hopefully, also a main kill switch for long parking).
    I plan to run a wireless router in the car (12 volt regulated and ignition acc switched) with a connection to Ethernet port on the Apple Tv so I can wifi my iphone using remote Hd (also remote HD installed on Apple Tv) then when the engine is switched off and key out the Apple tv switch's to Wifi mode (tested) which then links to my home Wifi signal for syncing to itunes.
    Click image for larger version

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    OK Sorted out Composite video output (normal yellow video lead output) as this unit does not have one, only HDMI and component (red blue Green plugs) so it will need standard video to run in standard car screens.

    To get apple tv to work with Composite video plug in your video lead to the green phono output on the back,
    2 ways to do this

    1- flash tv and then install nito tv and composite video plugin.

    Assuming you have nitoTV installed properly and 480i selected.
    - go to nitoTV - Settings - Utilities - Kernel Extension Manager - TVComposite.kext - press the Play button -> you should see color immediately

    To add it to startup, press the Fast Fwd button and then Create Startup Item
    (Thanks atvnoob from hackint0sh org for that tip)

    2-The other way if you don't have flash installed is an HDMI converter and another converter for this way I would google it as i did not use that route
    Trying in the car later today (hopefully if kids and my wife don't side track me)


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      Tested in the car and works well.
      I had to run the wireless router on a mains inverter to test it but a 12 volt, 1 amp regulator should sort that problem out.
      All controlled by the iphone (as connected to same network router) with the Remote App (the Apple one, grey outer and blue with a black play button)
      Also the Remote HD App works well for seeing the whole screen output if you need to tweak it.
      The car monitor also works although in NTSC but still in colour and plays movies ok for the car.
      All in all well happy, now to wire it in properly.
      Pics soon.


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        Wow! I didn't even know Remote HD app existed!

        This looks like a really neat project. Please keep us updated and post some pics!


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          Ready for installation in to the car, soldered and heat shrinked and i used an EC3 plug (60amp r/c car battery connector) for easy removal

          And very temporary install in the glove box for testing with wireless router connected by cat 5.


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            Also i took the car for an hour journey each way and worked very well.
            Very pleased to be able to access my 12500 songs in the car.

            I will keep you informed.

            More pictures soon.


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              This guy has done some interesting stuff with the apple tv in the car



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                Awesome work!
                All systems are a go...
                Currently in "tweaking" mode.

                The Worklog


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                  From this idea, I went and found an apple tv 2, which uses a whole lot less power and started the adaptation. I should have it installed soon, just put a power plug into it to connect to a DC-DC 3.4 v power source From my testing it looks like I'll be able to hop into my car, open the remote app and control the itunes, or stream from my iphone / ipad, or a NAS device, lots of ideas in my head right now that I'm trying to sort into a perfect combination.

                  I guess I'll need to put a real wifi router in the car, I was hoping to use the MyWi access point in my phone, which gives the car computers internet access, but airplay doesn't seem to work over it. Anyone try this setup before? Can I bridge the internet connection from MyWi / iphone into the router, and have it feed all the computers? Are there any low power consumption / tiny routers that I can DD-WRT?

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                    dont forget that the Apple TV 2 is also hackable. it doesnt do much yet, but you can add some content.
                    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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                      Does android have a device similar to apple tv that works with android phones. I have a wd tv live but doesnt work with anything.


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                        DC converter on the way from sparkfun, I was going to make it internal, but I'd have to remove the AC / DC converter completely to do that... For now I like being able to use the Apple TV in my house as well. Makes it easier to install software etc. I jailbroke mine, installed ATV Flash black, and xbmc. Works great, plays anything.
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                          Did anyone get further with the Apple tv 2 power issue, can it be made to run off 12v or not


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                            I sure it can be powered using a fuse. Or alternatively you can run it off a power inverter (I have it hardwired) and then on/off switch. But the problem is atv2 is HDMI interface to the vga screens in our car. You need to get some kind of converter.

                            The benefit I find useful,

                            iPhone Mirroring
                            XBMC streaming (with unlimited data plan)
                            My CarPc Blog (<This is outdated. I have updated to a fully running Carpc System)


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                              Thanks for that i was really looking to having the AC to Dc power supply in the ATV 2 removed, and hardwired in to the 12v system but from what i am led to believe its 3.4volts and 1.5 amps i think, i know there are some genius guys on here that could make a dc to dc dropper, anyone any ideas?

                              As regards screens, i have just bought from Comet, a 16" WIDESCREEN LCD/LED HDMI TV with record function through USB, For 89 that runs off 12volts through an AC power adapter and draws only 40watts when in use