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    Hey everyone!
    It has been very, eerily quiet in this side of the forum over the last several months. (Especially since iOS and iPads have been the hot topics in car computing). But I just wanted to know: Is anyone currently running Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) up on their carputers?
    I will be upgrading next week, and one person I'm in contact with says the touchscreen drivers are malfunctioning. I just want to be certain that it's only him with problem. All and any reaction is greatly appreciated.
    Hope all is well with everyone!!!
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    Well, I'm new to this, but I did just purchase the new mini with Lion, and a Xenarc 700TSH. I dont see any touch screen drivers for the eGalax. The software installs, and runs, but there is no USB device to calibrate. I tried the OS X 10.6 drivers for the TSV, but no joy. The OS works great with the Bluetooth Trackpad and keyboard... just no touch screen

    Update: I downloaded the OS X 10.6 / 64 bit driver directly from the EEIT site and they seem to work. I'm actually having Mac HDMI issues now, but they may be Xenarc related, so I'll post in another thread.
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