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Need help with the idea, alternate perspective!

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  • Need help with the idea, alternate perspective!

    Ok, the Apple TV in car project created more problems than it solved. I had to have the ATV, and a wifi router, and the original PC, and I still couldn't get the connections to work for everything so I'm scrapping that plan ATV is going back in the house where it belongs and works so well. I can also remove the HDMI switch and wiring from the glovebox as well (it was VERY crowded in there).

    I have an Airport express on the way, which I will also hack to run off 12V (quite easy) and has the optical output I didn't know it had so I can integrate with my audio system in the car. Airplay should work fine through it from both Itunes and the Ipad.

    Quick breakdown of what is in my car. Car PC runs media storage, itunes (now) and controls the car functions through Fusion brain (once it works). Airport express, connected via ethernet to the PC. Ipad 2 connected via wifi to Airport. Iphone 4 running MiWi to serve internet access to these things. That last part is my problem.

    For Airplay and the apple itunes remote to work, the ipad has to connect to the airport express wifi, not the iphone wifi (internet access). Can I share the internet connection from the iphone, through the computer to the airport, to the ipad, and still have airplay work? I couldn't get this to happen using the netgear router (which wouldn't bridge wifi OR create an NAS from a USB drive, both reasons I bought it). Am I missing an easier solution?

    I want to downsize the car PC, to something that uses very little power and only runs the fusion brain and related car / security functions. The current one uses too much power to stay running 24-7. I think even a small pandaboard running linux could handle sharing the internet connection, from the phone or any stable wifi connection it could find, but I'm not sure.

    Is anyone running a similar setup?

    I just want to get in the car, and be able to airplay audio from the ipad or iphone or friends iDevices, without hassle (or wires)!!
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    MyWi would create the network, then the AEX would join that network. From what I can tell, you'd still be able to do the AirTunes sharing even with the network set up that way.

    Here's a link for reference:

    Looks like the last poster in that thread wanted to do something similar, except with a Belkin router being the existing network source.


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      If I do that, then the Iphone is the critical part of the equation, and without it, nothing can function. I want the network to exist so that the computer could play music from itunes (via AEX), or the ipad could play through airplay (via AEX). The only reason I want the iphone in the mix is to provide internet access to the network if those devices needed something (navigation through ipad, etc).
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        I have been reading a lot on here over the past few days. I am still learning so please bare with me. I saw dscustoms original post on a different thread back in June about running an apple tv 2 and now I see in this thread back in August it didn't work out to well.

        I am trying a little different approach but looking for any advice on how to do it or if i'm going on a bad road.

        I want to hook up an apple tv in my car that will display over my OEM dvd screen in my excursion. i am removing my OEM dvd player (tired of scratched dvds) which is where I will be mounting the ATV2 at. I plan on installing an Open-Mesh router it runs on 6-18 volts.

        I want to use airplay to stream the movies over the network to the ATV2 and using the bluetooth remote app to control the ATV2. All storage of movies will be on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).

        My biggest concerns are how to hook up the power supply. I see the ATV2 requires 3.4 volts and 1.75 amps

        After reading all the FAQs it looks like a dc-dc converter would be my best bet for powering the OEM screen and the ATV2. I am having trouble trying to figure out what model or type I need.

        Any help appreciated.