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Problem with Mac Mini and SleepWatcher

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  • Problem with Mac Mini and SleepWatcher

    Hi All

    Sorry for my English )

    I've get a Mac Mini with OS 10.6

    I want to run script before sleeping and another one after wakeup.
    I tried to use Sleepwatcher, but it does not works.

    I install Sleepwatcher like it tell me ReadMe file, write a simple scripts (unmount disk before sleeping and one more to iTunes Play after wakeup). Put this scripts in my Home directory. But it does not runs via sleepwatcher. I mean nothing hapens before sleeping and after wakeup. If I run this scripts by myself - it works well.

    Can someone tell me step by step what should I do?
    And I used a hibernate mode, not just sleeping.

    May be there is another way to run this scripts? For example via launchd and StartService() StopService()? I just heared about this but not sure

    best regards
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