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Power Mac Mini with Opus 90w

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  • Power Mac Mini with Opus 90w

    I just recently purchased a Mac Mini actually 2 one is PPC and one is Intel but not sure that really matters for this question. I see many owners have been powering with their Mac Mini with the Carnetix P1900 and the MacPac cable kit.

    My question is is it possible to power the Mac Mini with the Opus 90w PSU?

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    I don't think so as the opus 90w is only 12v output you need 19v thats why the carnetix cnx-p1900 is sold with mac mini cable kit, i've used the p1900 with an aopen 19v board and its a great power supply. SNO


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      Haha don't know how I could have forgot about the 12v fact. I am happy with my intel PC setup as is now but I want more. It's always MOAR. haha. Thanks!