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Ideas.... mac mini or apple tv

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  • Ideas.... mac mini or apple tv

    This morning an idea poped up in my head....

    A mac mini or apple tv (either 1st gen or 2nd gen) in the car (not much of a new idea there... ) but what i was after was more a "clean as possiple" way of doing it and maybe in kit form so other not as skilled could use it...

    mind you i'm not a programmer so any that can program on mac are more than welcome to pitch in... and some of the stuff do have vb6 source code...

    anyways my thoughts in steps.. they are mostly based on the apple tv:

    1. Why change the default way, i find it easy to navigate once you have moved to computers and selected the pc that runs itunes. i know in a car we are not on same network but to make things simple in the beginning lets pretend we are

    2. Beside our music collection we want access to radio in many flavours, i think most options are controlled by usb so this might ditch the apple tv2 as its usb does act like its a device and not like a pc ( might be wrong thou). Most options are also based on that you have a line in... this one fore sure rules out apple tv2 (the only unit i have)

    3. It must be able to read tire pressure, for ride runner this has allready been done with a simple usb box that to windows looks like a HID device, i guess that a mac would see it in a similar way, its just to read the data output right, link here:

    4. There are also a park distance plugin:

    5. Must be control-able from a touch screen

    6. If Internal wifi is not stron enough some way add an external one behind the pillar trim (choose pillar most suited)

    7. the park distance plugin is 2 parts... sensor data and a video dongle for rear view cam... the RR plugin is able to read data from both front and rear sensors but limited to one cam.. could be nice if we where able to switch between 2... a simple relay wired to the reverse light could make do.. but what about pic qual? a canbus adapter could be used to avoid hacking in to the cars wires.. use one of those that are used when you put in a aftermarket car stereo, they tend to have many outputs like reverse and speed signal, park break etc.

    8. Of course gps... since we are on ios maybe use google navi... that of course requires mobile broadband... or a router that makes a hot spot that the apple device can connect to... best is if it has one or 2 wired plugs... small size and a supply voltage under 12V the lower the better... and this will also require a mic... (safer input)

    9. maybe put in a voip phone app so you can use your "landline" when on the road

    10. a way to do handsfree of the mobile...

    just thoughts and ideas.... might add later
    Blessed are the "cracked" for it is they who let in the light.

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    11.. the io box from mitch wold also be a nice one:
    Blessed are the "cracked" for it is they who let in the light.


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      was my idea to "insane" ?
      Blessed are the "cracked" for it is they who let in the light.


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        You have some big ideas. I would say just go with the Mac mini due to the ease of doing most of this. I had a mac mini in my car and it worked better than what i was trying with a Apple Tv. The mini is more "usable"


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          ok, but you think that there are people willing to do some free programming so stuff like tire pressure etc can be used too?
          Blessed are the "cracked" for it is they who let in the light.