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  • Apple? a question...

    instead of rigging up a dedicated PC compy like i was talking about in my other post im considering just rigging up the LCD touchscreen adn dropping my powerbook into the center console...

    my question is A.) will Lilliput touchscreens work on a mac OS-X (couldnt find it on their site) and B.) are there any OBD II devices for OS-X?

    if so it would save me alot of money and even if a touchscreen wont work, i could jsut get a USB touchpad for mac and use that.

    solves my space, cost, and it means i dont need to worry about windows gayness (yay).

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    When I bought my ViewSonic CRT monitor it came with a VGA Mac adapter. Not sure if that's all you need or if there is extra hardware in the monitor.
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      my powerbook has miniDVI out on it and it came adapters for mini-DVI -> VGA and mini-DVI -> DVI. im not questioning the screen will work, so much as the USB touchscreen part. dont wana spend the extra bucks if it wont wor.


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        Connected to my iBook.


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          Armen at has drivers for OS X for the touch screens he sells