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  • AppleScript Resorces?

    any one know of any AppleScript Resorces?

    Ive been to and a few others, Im looking for something with some tutorials and alot of applescript content.

    thanx all

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    all I can say is that has been very helpful so far, but the main site is Apple's dev site to grab all of the documentation.


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      Doug's Applescripts?
      (Specifically for iTunes)
      "Meatwad makes the money see, Meatwad gets the honeies G..."

      Complete = 20%
      Concept/Planning = 50%
      Purchased = ~$750


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        This may not be a terribly popular concept but you could try reading an actual book on the topic. I just picked up the O'Reilly Press "AppleScript: The Definitive Guide" and it's been pretty good so far. A much better detail of the language as opposed to the 'cookbook' format of most AppleScript books and other resources.

        It does lean towards having previous programming experience, but it is not required to follow the book (though a few wisecracks here and there will go over your head). And if you do have previous programming experience and want to pick up AppleScript as "another language" for the toolbox, this would definitely be the book of choice.


        P.S. On dialup at a relative's place or I'd link you to the book :P

        Edit: I never could spell O'Reilly


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          I would but I dont have the Funds to buy a book rightnow. thats why I was looking for an online source.
          p.s. and my local libary doesnt have anything on applescript.