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  • Mac Boot Times

    Sorry guys, I have never seen an instance where a mac would be superior to a Windows/Linux dual boot. With the exception of a Carputer, and only then b/c of the lower boot time possibility. So, what are good boot times on a mac?
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    I just rebooted my dual G4 tower unit with 3 hard drives.

    From the "tone" to login screen -44 seconds Another 15 to usage after password
    Asleep to usage - 8 seconds.

    Don't know if those are good times. They're better than my carputer. I've also got web server and networking stuff that affects the boot time as well.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      Except that booting is a non-issue with the mac due to its instantaneous wake from sleep.


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        I think this is a troll. There are lots of reasons to choose a mac over a Windows/Linux Dual Boot machine.

        First, it just works.

        Second, no virii to speak of, really.

        Never seeing a Blue Screen of Death while driving.

        Long amounts of time between reboots.

        Days on end for battery life on my PowerBook/iBook. My wife hasn't charged her iBook in three days. It is currently on the coffee table in sleep mode. I can't get my ThinkPad to get through the night on sleep without juice.

        Nice GUI.

        I use Windows for work. I work for a software company. I got tired of tweaking my systems to get them running. With Mac OS X, I just use my computer. Not a whole lot of tweaking required.

        Don't get me wrong, if Mac OS X wasn't here, I wouldn't even bother. But, OS X is a completely different animal than Mac OS 9 and earlier.
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          Hey now. Mac os 7 was sweet!! Why you gotta hate on the older macs :P

          Yeah, OSx is one of the most successful products ever made. It's flawless. Everything works, all the time. My dad's macs never crash, never fail. I'm getting a mini mac to use as a 2nd carputer. It'll probably work better than the pc. Size was the only issue with putting a mac in my truck until now.
          This post is a total troll. win/linux dual boot... Yeah, that's gonna be reliable. After you spend a few weeks getting the boot loader to work right and all the software in the right partitions. Plus trying to get dual drivers for all your stuff. Plus the stuff you use that has no linux support, but damn I don't wanna run winxp right now, I'm doing stuff in linux but I can't use my wireless card. I know people can make it work, and I really am not gonna be impressed by your statements of "it only took me 12 minutes to get my dual boot up and running"... cause its not true.
          The mac is good because it works, right out of the box. You don't need to buy all the software and find drivers etc. It just works. and it looks so much better. The software on macs is all designed to look good, the gui is incredible. Besides, it'll run most linux software, and can emulate windows more reliably than windows itself...
          I still use two winxp computers, but I just hate when people hate on the macs. I was at macworld expo when they were filming "the net"



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            So what is the power consumption like on standby?
            How does the Standby it similar to Suspend to RAM?
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              So what is the power consumption like on standby?
              My Powerbook can last weeks on standby running off the battery.


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                Originally posted by antimatter
                So what is the power consumption like on standby?
                How does the Standby it similar to Suspend to RAM?
                Not sure cause I've never suspended to RAM, but waking and going to sleep is very, very fast. Couple of seconds tops to wake...about 0 to go to sleep. With my junk 3 year old powerbook battery I use about 3-5% of the battery overnight when it's asleep. It should be better than that, but like I said, the battery is toast.

                Hope that helps a little.



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                  suspend to ram = standby. Its fast to the point where you lift the screen and you're up and running, as opposed to windows where you open the screen and wait 10 seconds to start working.


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                    Standby consumes very little power in the notebooks. A full charge on a battery will last at least 2 weeks. The batteries are 3600mAh, so using 3600mAh over 2 weeks (336 hours) gives you 10.7mA draw.. essentially nothing. Even the sleep LED uses PWM to reduce its power draw.. It runs maybe 25% duty cycle on average.

                    I suspect the Mac mini to have similar consumption when on standby since it uses the same architecture and processors as the notebooks, though I haven't measured it yet (mine arrived today). It does use a different style DIMM that may have different power requirements, plus it runs a small battery charger for the coin cell.. It may also let the USB ports have more power. Incedentally standby times on the mac mini from a fresh install are about 3s to go into suspend and 2s to come out. My LCD (analog input) takes more time to sync to the VGA signal than the computer does to get the cursor moving again!

                    A troll this thread is indeed! Boot times only matter on the PC because it seems that it's almost impossible to build a carPC that uses suspend...
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                      I think the point has been made to the thread starter over and over again. Locking down this thread.
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