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800x600 is stretched on Xenarc 700TSV

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  • 800x600 is stretched on Xenarc 700TSV

    I have it set to 800x600 on the Mac mini and the image is stretched a bit on my Xenarc 700TSV.

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    well it will be. Xenarc is 15:9 (800x480 native)

    Apparently it looks better then 848x480 though as this squashes it the wrong way or summit.


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      Originally posted by Scouse Monkey
      well it will be. Xenarc is 15:9 (800x480 native)
      Says here on the box it is 16:9 ratio.


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        I am having issues with CoPilot running @ 800 x480. What would be the next step up, so to keep the aspect?


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          848x480 sucks.....
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            Originally posted by ipodlounger
            Says here on the box it is 16:9 ratio.
            It lies.
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              848x480 looked great on my Lilliput, but looks like **** on my Xenarc. I got a better screen and a worse resolution... ironic.


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                Is this a mac specific problem? or universal Apple/PC related problem?
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                  when an aspect ratio is quoted it is supposed to be for the actual display area not the pixels themselves. If you took a 16:9 display area and populated it with slightly rectangular pixels you could get something like this. I haven't measured my Xenarc so I can't tell you is this is the case or the box does indeed lie...


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                    Seriously sucks... so I have to live with a slightly stretched image?... lame...

                    Xenarc tech support said most PCs with ATI Radeon display fine.


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                      Would the Lilliput monitor be a better choice for the Mac mini, as far as resolution??


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                        I doubt it they use the same screen
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                          BOTH the Xenarc and Lilliput displays have a native resolution of 800 x 480. That's 800 pixels wide, and 480 pixels tall. If you send an 800 x 600 signal it has to downsample (or whatever you want to call it) the vertical resolution from 600 to 480. So it's only 80% as tall, it's "squished" (or stretched, but I think squished is more accurate).

                          It doesn't necessarily drop 120 individual lines, it might use that information to 'blur' some other lines, but you're missing vertical resolution.

                          If you tell the Mac to send a 800x480 signal you don't have any of these issues. You can use a variety of apps: SwitchRes, cscreen, or DisplayConfigX.