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wKiosk as web browser for Mac based carputer

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  • wKiosk as web browser for Mac based carputer

    If you haven't seen this before, you might want to check out wKiosk as a web browser option for your Mac based carputer. It is based on the Safari HTML engine and works as a full screen web browser. There is a free download to try it out, but if you don't pay for the full version, you just lose out on some of the advance settings which you probably wouldn't use, otherwise it seems to work fine.

    Check it out at It looks pretty decent at 800x600, I have not personally seen it on a 7" screen yet. It has tabbed browsing as well. Not sure how many are planning on using their computer for web access. This is just another alternative that is designed to work full screen.

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    I had the unfortunate experience of using a Dialup again while visiting family recently. I'm sure the app is neat and all, but general purpose web browsing on a GPRS connection has gotta be horrendous. Even the downsampled stuff on my SideKick takes forever (it goes through the Danger proxy servers and all the images are shrunk and the HTML is stripped down on their end).

    I intend to include things like display of the most recent radar image, but I'll be doing that inside my own custom software.



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      I was thinking more on a wireless network. Such as a Starbucks parking lot or McD's parking lot when traveling.