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The perfect Graphics card for you Carputer

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  • The perfect Graphics card for you Carputer

    I bet you'll never have to worry about this thing overheating or drawing to much current. If you can find a place to plug it in

    Edit: I feel like such a newb. Can a mod move this to offtopic. It's late and I'm sick and it got posted in the wrong section. Sorry.
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    well, its not a video card
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      It's a old I/O Card lol god i miss them
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        Damn, your right, i saw the description and didn't even look at the pic. Looks like a 9 pin serial and a 25pin serial or a 9pin serial and a parallel port?
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          oh...and you have 5 are a noob!
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            Originally posted by scott_fx

            oh...and you have 5 are a noob!
            Haha , I meant in general, that is somthing I'd jump on if someone did it on the other boards that I visit and here I am doing it, in fact I just had to move a post to offtopic on the board I'm an admin on today

            PS: It also appears I'm not only a newb but a bit of a post whore since this is my 7th post in less then 3 hours.
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