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The RePorter: solution for accessing input jacks

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  • The RePorter: solution for accessing input jacks

    Spied this peice of gear in the newest Macworld. It's called the RePorter. It's $59, but I figure it's a tidy solution if you want/need to have ports accessible with a hidden 'puter. I don't think it's mac specific, but I posted here cause it was in macworld, mods feel free to move if it should be somewhere else.

    RePorter Features
    Solid high-impact plastic construction
    A single 5-foot (1.5m) cable with connectors for each of your computer's most-used rear ports
    Two USB Type A standard ports (supports USB 2.0)
    FireWire 400 and 800
    Audio-in minijack (1/8 inch)
    Stereo audio-out minijack (1/8 inch)
    USB ports light up when plugged in

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    Looks like standard extention cables with a 'tidy' end, don't see why it wouldn't work with a PC.
    Good find
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      Yes definitely good find, looks really good. I've been looking for something like that for when I put my system in so I can embed that in my arm rest. Very nice.
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        I like it, but I think Im gonna go the more creative route and just buy hubs for the usb/firewire etc ports and make them custom into the dash somewhere, or the center console and the backseat console. Probably gonna use alot of CAT5 and solder, but then again I aint there yet.
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