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  • Lilliput Driver Help

    Hello all. After extensive searching, I cannot come up w/ the proper lilliput drivers. The disc included does not have the Mac OS X versions of the drivers. If anyone knows at all where to find these I would greatly appreciate it.

    I have searched to no luck. The site never loads.

    I have also been to and downloaded that mac driver.

    Downloading this mac driver works, but I do not think it is the correct driver for this particular screen. The touchscreen is working, but almost unusable. It is horrible innacurate and although it displays everything correctly, it cant even access the top 1/2" inch and bottom 1/2" portions of the screen.

    If anyone has any advice or knows where i can find the latest lilliput drivers, it would be greatly appreciated. Im looking to fit this into my 350z pretty soon so all help would be awesome.

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    Have you tried searching this thread?
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      The links posted regarding drivers in that thread are no longer active.


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        OK looks like i may have solved my own problem. I have found this page: could be useful. Says it has all new versions of drivers and a help manual.


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          Is this Mac forum or PC forum?


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            I was just looking for the latest lilliput drivers too. Wouldn't it be sensible for someone to update the FAQ?