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Tiger gone gold! Where to buy CHEAP?

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  • Tiger gone gold! Where to buy CHEAP?

    If you have not been living in a cave, Tiger has gone gold and will go into production very soon:-)

    For those that are stuck in 10.2 or worse hell, I've been waiting for Tiger to be released so I can actually start REALLY using my Mac since 10.3 brought support for a slew of hardware. 10.4 (aka Tiger) will help update the user interface and change some portions of the GUI to be more streamlined and provide additional functionality.

    Please post pricing you find over the net that you believe is the cheapest to the regular consumer!

    Here is one I found and pre-ordered with:
    Amazon: $94.99 = $129.99 with $35 mail in rebate to Amazon
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    educational discount = $69 with free shipping. Buy now and it will be shipped by 04/29
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      Originally posted by shizzle
      educational discount = $69 with free shipping. Buy now and it will be shipped by 04/29


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        Apple store :
        In the very bottom left there is the link to educational discounts. Read it carefully, affiliation is accepted I think. Have a friend or relative in school, use em.
        I heard somewhere that there's a 5 comp license for $129!!!! If someone wants to do that and finds the offer, they should start a thread and I bet there'd be plenty of interest.

        EDIT: OK I heard him wrong, but it was apparently $40 a person, so its under $200 wherever it may be, I havent really looked for it yet.
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        Im thinking laptop...


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          if you become a developer. You get the latest OS free, and any subsequent releases free.

          Student developers are $99/yr and give you a HUGE one time discount on a computer. So if you are new to mac or want to upgrade and are a student (or know a student) then Id suggest you check it out.

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            Or if you want a full version, I have about 10 copies extra (we over ordered) here at my company (I own the joint).

            I am willing to let them go for $89.99 each + $8 Fed-Ex Ground shipping.

            No rebates, none of that.....If interested shoot me an email.
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