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Will a G3 233 Mhz work?

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  • Will a G3 233 Mhz work?

    Sorry been out of touch with the mac world for a little while...I recently aquired a Power Mac G3/233 Mhz...gonna load it up with Ram 512(?) and a DVD drive as well as a 40-60GB HD.

    My question is will I run into any issues with using this for DVD, GPS, MP3. Also what is OS X gonna run like on this setup?


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    RAM is measured in MB...well, it is becoming quite common to see RAM measured in GB, but i certainly hope you are not trying to put 512 GB of ram into a G3.

    As far as issues with DVD playback...the only problem i can see is choppy playback when other programs are running. long as you can find a Mac compatible unit there should not be a problem. its not that they dont exist, but your choices may be limited somewhat.

    MP3 should be fine.

    And for OS X....basically...slow. just like any computer running anything, the older the components, the slower its going to be. if you are asking if its compatible, yes, G3's are. but i wouldnt be happy running 233 MHz having worked in GHz for the past couple years. but if you dont mind, itll work

    minimum requirements for OS X:
    Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G3, G4 or G5 processor
    Built-in FireWire
    256MB of RAM
    3GB of available hard disk space (4GB if you install the developer tools)


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      yeah I know RAM is measured in MB's the (?) was is that enough...



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        If its a Blue and White, which IM assuming its not, because I thought those started at 300 or 350mhz, so you probably got one of those ol gray towers that was taken from the last days of the Quadras....

        A B&W G3 has built in DVD decoding because the G3 isnt powerful enough to decode thru software. G4s changed that to software strictly.

        But Im not sure OSX runs on anything prior to a B&W G3 or at least something with a G4 Zif card or something.
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          OSX is not officially supported on anything older than the B&W. Also not supported on CPU upgraded systems...although it's been known to run fine.


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            it is one of the Quadra looking beige boxes...reminds me of my old Performa that was PPC 160 in terms of box shape and has a bad HD so I havent booted it yet...but I got it for 10$ from a buddy of mine that has a computer business and he doesnt deal with macs...



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              DVD = not with out a PCI execrator - if its even got PCI slots
              GPS = ?
              MP3 = yes
              MPEG = yes
              OS X = CRAP on that system - and sound may not work
              DIVX = no

              B&W G3 has built in DVD decoding because the G3 isnt powerful enough
              yep, from what I have seen - A g3 is like a high end
              Intel pentium chip - I have one, its about half the power of a pentium 2
              CPU at math,floating-point stuff - buts its a little faster than pentium 2
              at some things - apples oranges thing

              look the computer up on


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                Also, you might want to make sure that the computer can take 512MB of ram. What is the exact model of the computer Apple Powermac G3 _________.

                The Apple Power Mac G3 All-in-One Gossamer (Beige) only takes up to 384MB of PC100 Ram.

                Also, maybe you should look and see if you can upgrade the CPU to something like 300-350MHz.

                Good luck,

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                  FOr $10, beef it up with a fat hard drive, maybe even a SCSI RAID setup, it can handle it, and run a server, either a home media server for your house, or an online server or something. It would be useful but not to run OSX in a carputer.
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