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my ideas for my in car g3 system

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  • my ideas for my in car g3 system

    Hi! im new to these forums, and i feel like im in the right place

    I want to build a g3 carputer for DVDs and music

    im planning on using a Blue and white motherboard with an upgraded processer a new video card (ATI Radeon 9200)with TV out, and a decent amount of ram.

    i have a few questions. i was looking at the liiliput 7inch non vga monitor. anyone have any reviews of it? does it have RCA imput or S-Video? I dont need a touchscreen, and the vga monitors are much more expenseve. will component video or S-Video be ok?

    Also, im looking at power supplies. Im looking for the smallest powersupply that can power the motherboard, and a full size hard drive and dvd-rom. Also, how do you solve the power issue going into your car battery? how much is too much?

    im so exited to start this project, but have to get everthing mapped out before i can start this project.

    thanks everyone for your help and advice!