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powering my mac carputer

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  • powering my mac carputer

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    i am building my carputer from a mac blue and white. I am not sure how to power it tbough. It will be built into my trunk and there is a power plug (12v 5v cigarette lighter looking plug right where it will be. How can i tap into that? what inverters, plugs adapters to i need?

    also, whats the smallest PSU i can get away with, i want at least 200W of power, but not too much space, what about this,

    my specs so far
    POwer Macintosh Blue and White g3 at 400 mhz
    Ati Radeon 7000 Pci card for macintosh
    100 gb 3.5inch hd
    5.25 dvd rom
    7 inch liliput vga display


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    You mean 12v 5A? That would not be enough power. Usually those boot adapters are 10A though, and that would probably work. It would be best to run your own wire to the battery though, (with more like a 15A fuse) because you never know what is running to that lighter adapter and if it would work. The equation is volts x amps = watts. Search the forums for examples of what others have done.
    The basic choices are a dc-dc supply like the opus, or a dc-ac inverter of your choice. The inverter option is inefficient because it converts dc to ac, and then the computers psu turns it back to dc for your parts. Because you are using a mac, however, you may find it easier to go with an inverter. I would avoid that lighter plug though, if it is only 5A.
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