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    As you may or may not know I am developing an interface for os x. Recently I have ran into a slight issue.

    What resolution do you use on your touch screens, 800x600 or 800x480?

    No "search the forums" stuff, just let me know.
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    i prefer 800 x 600
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            More is not always better.

            Our 7" display options are native at 800x480. Although some 8" and larger displays are native at 800x600, it's always better to go with a native resolution, especially if we're talking about Mac's. The Mac display is very sencitive to the aspect ratio. Our apps are all written to take advantage of knowing the aspect ratio. I'm sure most of us want to see some music videos or movies on our screen, and if the resolution isn't set to what the display supports, we'll have visual distortion *cringe*

            I'd much rather have an 800x600 capable screen!
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                  800x600 resolution seems more natural for computer environment. Most of my films seem to be in the 4:3 display ratios, adult educational films of course :P. The Xenarc monitor, the one I plan on getting(after I get my tax refund back, that could probably take months, ha) has a 16x9 ratio, which translates to a 800x480 natural screen, and I think that is the aspect ratio of a wide screen dvd, no?

                  The census seems to be divided equally. I thought about this on the way home, this probably isnít going to be much of an issue, I am just going to have to make two standard nib files, one 800x600, and one 800x480 and then load the appropriate one at start up, gui problem solved.

                  Now the real question is that if you have a movie in a 4:3 (lets say the movieís size is 400x300 pixels) aspect ratio, and I capture the display for that resolution(800x600 blown up), will it be distorted on 800x480 screen or will it look ok?

                  Anyone have any photos of what both resolutions look like on theses screens with a mac, playing videos, the finder, browser etc?

                  I really want to address this issue way ahead of time so that I have a road map to follow when I get to the video part, or at least some guidelines.
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                    800x480 please as this is most prob native res for a lot of 7" screens.

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                        I run 800 x 600 because it is easy and looks very sharp on my lilliput 7". Yes, the native resolution is 800 x 480 but I don't find that things look squashed. Of course I'm not doing CAD on this thing and Avril still looks skinny in her music videos

                        Has anyone got the liiliput to run at 800 x 480 on a mac? I read the thead about the xenarc screen and it sounded like a pain.

                        No crashes today using it to and from work. I just can't close it with out using the keyboard. Please incorporate an exit or power button.


                        PS I think everyone can get 800 x 600 to work while many people have problems getting 800 x 480 to display.
                        Mike F

                        Here's Avril at 800x600, not too squashed
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                          Originally posted by FireAnt
                          PS I think everyone can get 800 x 600 to work while many people have problems getting 800 x 480 to display.
                          Mike F
                          Amen. I'm not ready yet to pay 12 dollars for that resolution.
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                            800x600 I am using the Xenarc 800tsv.
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                              The native res on the Xenarc is 800 x 480. Using other resolutions give a slightly disorted image.

                              I installed this system so it would look great, and run great.

                              If it is not the best, native res, why would I want to run it?
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