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  • P1900 Hookup Help

    Ok. Just need a checkoff from you guys. Please let me know if I have reasoned this out correctly. I want to run the mac mini in sleep mode and attempting to run my lilliput off the P1900 too. I want my lilliput to turn off when the car is not running and on when the car comes back to life.

    I have set the P1900 to the following settings:

    1-2 Open
    3-4 Open
    5-6 Jumpered
    7-8 Not Used (open)
    9-10 Open (Dylon Follows Ignition)

    Jumped to +12v (to power screen)

    Follows JP4 setting

    Follows Dylon

    +12v Setting

    +19v??? I am questioning this one. The mini runs off 18.5 right? And the instructions say the actual power is .5 volts higher to compensate for wiring losses. So is +18v correct or +19v?

    Also on the Input Power (J1) connecter, Do I need to utilize the Blue wire? Pin 2?

    1 more thing. What size fuse do you recommend running inbetween the battery power and P1900? If any?

    Thanks alot for all the help people. I think I have it figured out, but want to make sure.

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    I chose to supply with 18 volts also I used a 15a fuse between the battery and the P1900. I bought an amplifer wiring kit to power the P1900. I believe the blue wire is for remote start (like from a key fob or else where). I have finals today and woke up too early to check your pin settings. Sorry. Like the diagram shows:
    My Mac Jeep


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      Sorry for the confusion guys. Here's my reply from our CarNetix forum.
      You're right on the money! Everything is correct. Just a couple of comments.

      JP5 - make sure to move BOTH jumpers to the +12V position
      JP6 - Use the +18V output. As you mentioned it will actually be +18.5V.

      J1 Blue Wire - this is the Pulse Start input. It is not needed unless you want to start the P1900 from some sort of wireless remote device. You can leave it disconnected.

      Fuse - we recommend a 15A fuse somewhere near your battery.

      I aplogize for the complicated jumpering. I meant to write a "summary" in the Mac Application section of the Installation Manual but forgot. Looks like you've got it figured out tho.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


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        Thanks for all the help. This thing is pretty easy to install minus my few questions. The Y Cable is also a snap!.. So convenient.