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Mac Mini Carputer Motorized LCD Screen- First impressions

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  • Mac Mini Carputer Motorized LCD Screen- First impressions

    Looking for a motorized LCD screen for your Boxster Carputer projects?

    Check out the initial screen test of this Panasonic LCD screen. Follow along during the month of May as RainyDayGarage documents this Boxster Carputer installation.

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    Looks great! Good to see more exposure out there. I can't wait to see how the installation of the TS drivers goes though. Hopefully you guys have better luck than most people.


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      Just got the touchscreen working under OS X 10.4 Tiger. There is still some issue with coordinate registration...can't get the cursor to the top of the screen, but everything else seems fine (click and drag selection, moving stuff around, etc...)

      We'll post the installation steps and screen shots by the end of the day.


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        That looks like the famous P1900 in the 5th picture down. I'm assuming you are planning on plugging that motorized LCD into the P1900?

        I might switch my plans to that motorized screen! It's cool to have that popout.
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 is the P1900. We just got both units on Wednesday...and have not had a chance to hook it up yet :-) I have to say the instructions for hooking up the P1900 is SO much better than what came with the screen.

          However...there is something endearing when the instruction is "...the monitor should be avoid of direct beam of the sunshine..." :-)

          I'm not saying I would do any better translating our English into Chinese...but it does make trying to figure out what some of the button do a bit of a challenge!


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            What resolution are you running?
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              800x600 for now...appears a bit squashed. Will explore the other resolutions and compare this weekend. Have you (has anyone?) found a good GPS option for the Mac?


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                Here is the write-up of the touchscreen's driver installation...not the smoothest driver install, but least it works!



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                  Originally posted by RainyDayGarage
                  Here is the write-up of the touchscreen's driver installation...not the smoothest driver install, but least it works!

                  Do you mind giving us a link to the P1900 in your article?
                  P1900 -

                  We also sell the same screen with a no dead pixel guarantee for $50 less.
                  MTS12000 -

                  Any extra leads to the store we get to help pay forum expenses are greatly appreciated. We just spent a boat load of money on the new server and a hosting upgrade.


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                    No problem! Be happy to post a link on the page.


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                      I'm having the same problem you had getting the touchscreen to work. There's info missing in the type and version fields, but I've tried reinstalling the software (like 8 times now) and its not helping. I got really excited when I found this thread because I thought for sure it'd work! I'm doing this all on my mini installed in my truck. Have you tried setting this up with your mini yet?

                      Any suggestions?
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                        are you having problems with getting the touchscreen registration to work properly or getting the screen to display at all with the Mac Mini?


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                          I'm having trouble with the touchscreen part, the display works fine otherwise. I haven't yet tried the 800x480 adjustment (which I found on MacVroom) so everything is still a little squished at 800x600, but its still very useable.

                          I'm seeing basically the same thing that you saw before you reinstalled the driver, under "Interface" I get something like "USB2093b00", your number was a little bit different, maybe its a device ID? I'm wondering if there's a way to do a complete uninstall of the TouchKit driver? Any ideas? I can't find an option to do that in the installer.
                          Mac mini in a 2006 Honda Ridgeline!


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                            Ah...yes. All we did was run the installer again and rebooted. However, we HAVE NOT tried it on the Mac Mini (picking that up in NH today as a matter of fact).

                            Will try that this week and let you know how we made out. As we did more voice interface testing...we are becoming less concerned with the touchscreen. It is likely that we'll try to do as much with voice as possible. The car is of the few places where voice input is actually less "dorky" than say... your local Starbuck :-)