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Virtual Keyboard for the DWW700M LCD Touchscreen

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  • Virtual Keyboard for the DWW700M LCD Touchscreen

    We wanted an alternative to the physical keyboard for our Mac mini carputer project. We found one application (TouchStrokes) from AssistiveWare that did exactly what we wanted.

    Those that are interested are welcome to check out the write-up here:

    We plan on using the virtual keyboard in situations where the iListen and Mac OS Speech recognition command software was too inconvenient. We are still working out the various situations (GPS location entry, iTunes selection, DVD movie selection, etc...) where one command methodology is better than another.

    We are hoping our frontend software would be configured to present the most logical choice for a particular situation :-)

    We'll post updates as the project progresses.

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    Surely it will work for any screen not just the DWW700M

    EDIT: $95! you got to be kidding!


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      yeah...a bit pricey, especially considering a physical keyboard is about $10 bucks! However, their market is really the kiosk and related markets...not to folks like us :-)

      Would be great if there was a lower cost alternative...especially one with keys that will get bigger as the cursor moves over them, the way the Dock works.


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        OS 9 used to have a virtual keyboard built into it. I wonder if 10 has the same feature.

        It is called keycaps
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          Heres some cheaper alternatives, 12$ and 15$ respectively.



          Something to think about.


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            $95 no way........
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              Free alternative

              I know this has been said already in other threads but it looks like it needs repeated. There is a virtual keyboard in os x. You just enable the keyboard viewer under the international preferences pane. The buttons may not be the exact right size or have many options but it beats paying $95!
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                Will check out the other two suggestions! The prices are certainly much better :-)

                The built in OS X keyboard will work if a separate pointing device (mouse, trackball, etc...) is available...not real useful for finger based/touchscreen input. We are trying to stay away from using the plastic pen pointer for touchscreen input....hence the search for a keyboard that could be resized to fill the entire LCD screen.

                Anyway...the Corallo Virtual Keyboard looked promising. THANKS!!!


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                  I accept tips through paypal =P

                  Let me know how it goes, I would be interested in your results for my own setup.


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                    (actually edited for dumbness)


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                      Just found a virtual keyboard, based on Konfabulator (which is free)

                      Universal Virtual Keyboard


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                        Now THAT's cool! Will see how it compares...THANKS!

                        Now THAT's cool! We have just downloaded it and will see how it compares...THANKS!

                        We'll add the writeup to the same page as the first virtual keyboard review.