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  • Which Camera?

    Guys, just wondering which camera are you guys using your cars... Any suggestions?

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    Separate input to the LCD via the RCA inputs or FireWire/USB into the MacMini?

    For the direct RCA input, we are using VioSport's Adventure Cam.

    For the FireWire/USB we are currently testing out the Kensington Orbit and Apple's iSight.

    We looked into a bunch of IR capable cameras (for night use) but they were all either too costly or not really that useful... any suggestion would be welcomed.


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      are you crazy? what prices! very expensive


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        Money...doesn't it grow on trees?

        What... you don't have one in the backyard :-) We are reusing the Viosport cam from another project. We wanted a good quality image because we would like to do some other image processing/feature extraction projects with the Mac mini setup...not just look at fuzzy images of the rear of the vehicle.

        If you are just looking for a rear view camera...there are tons of them out there for less than $30 bucks (EBay). They just didn't provide a usable image for processing.


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          They are kinda expensive..There's really none that I have seen small enough that is USB

          I would like to have a few that's why I would not go via RCA...

          What would you suggest?
          1995 3000GT RED : MIAMI'S HOTTEST 3000GT
 - 1st MAC MINI on a 3S


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            We are having the same problem. Ideally we would go with all iSights and use the SecuritySpy software, but the cost adds up pretty fast.

            Would be nice to find a low cost CCD solution from one of the Chinese companies... they are out there, just a matter of finding them.


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              For night vision: I did some googling and I found that there are some companies that make some ill active IR illuminators. Mount a couple of those blasters on your bumper and you're set


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                iSights paired up with SecuritySpy software is fantastic. I use them on a daily basis.


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                  i have a sony USB webcam PCGA-UVC11A it is USB and also fit in my 3rd brake light enclosure (LED spoiler). my only probelm with it is no reverse imagery
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                    Ebay is the way....

                    This Cam is quite good, got is from a ebay seller in Hong Kong, works well at night, not used very much in car as I only have a small hand held tv, I will link it into the back of my soon to be aquired touch screen but for the mo i have it pointing out into the garden to look at the ducks there at night
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                    Have a look, its worth it.

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