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Volvo 240 Sedan Questions (Super newbie)

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  • Volvo 240 Sedan Questions (Super newbie)

    Hey everyone,
    I'm new to this forum, but super interested. I'm getting my first car ever tomorrow, a 1990 Volvo 240DL Sedan. I'm looking to put a minimac in it and was wondering if anyone has any ideas for where to put the screen. I've checked out other posts on this forum and found these two:


    My volvo doesn't quite have the same layout as the first one. If you look in the bottom picture of the first post, there are two rows where he later put the screen. The top row has 4 guages, and the bottom has 1, and air vents. Mine, the two leftmost dials don't exist, and the top row is stereo, and the bottom one is airvents, and then under the ashtray (which you can see at the super bottom of the last picture) I have a hole big enough to put a minimac.

    So, I was wondering what people know about getting rid of airvents or moving them and such. I know very little about cars, so that sort of thing definitely scares me. How does taking out the radio work? Can the mini be set up to drive the speakers by itself? I would need an amp somewhere, right?

    I already have an 8" Lilliput touch screen (from another project) that I think would be perfect for this car, although looking at his picture (that's the 7 inch, right?) maybe the 8 inch won't fit unless I strip it out of its casing? Anyone know?

    Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I'm just starting out I've been a software guy mostly That said I'm also going to try and write a front end just to learn, so if anyone has any simple requests, let me know I'm going away for 5 weeks on Thursday, but hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of the car before then. If not, see you all in 5 weeks!

    Thanks again for the help,