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    there are a few people trying to make carsoftware. Why not make a modular system, based on dashboard widgets.

    How about a collection of widgets with BIG buttons for a touchscreen

    addressbook with bluetooth (or wired) phone dialer
    for collecting GPS data and displaying speed, distance, location
    for sending SMS
    Receiving traffic jams via a GPRS connection.
    Wifi finder with signal strenght
    a widget with customizable buttons (for executing applescripts)

    A kind of a collection of car widgets in the same style. Just use the ones you need.

    Let me know what you guys think of it. What are the pro's and con's

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    it is a good idea and i believe it is alreay being worked on. I might have a go at them too. Maybe jcdillin and I could do an LCD brightness widget


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      Not entirely sure but really intense widget eat up ALOT of threads, not memory but CPU cycles, having enuf running could really bog down the system. maybe an all inclusive widget...which may or may not solve that problem..
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        I run about 5 widgets on my P3 700 and dont notice any slowdowns. From what i hear they are quite efficient.


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          I have seen some interesting widgets.
          RadioShark, QT movieplayer, iTunesplayer, Sound volume

          CPU heat, Sleep button, Hotspot/Wifi/Airport finder

          Email, SMS


          I am leaving to France for a few weeks, but when I get back i will start on ajusting the looks of the widgets to make them match together.


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            Since the display in a car will be rather small, a single, large-ish widget is probably all that will fit and be readable. It could be a "One Ring To Rule Them All" uberwidget, or you could have multiple large-ish widgets that use the same screen real estate and bring the one you want to the front.

            The functions I'd like to see:

            Audio Playback (control iTunes, display info)
            Radio (control radio, display info, get data from RDS)
            Satellite Radio (like Radio, but with TiVo-like functions)
            Calendar (TiVo-like navigation, read items via VoiceOver)
            Phone (control phone, display info)

            I'm not keen on touchscreens since they're pretty much useless while driving. So a choice of three approaches would be ideal:

            No controls shown, just use a remote.
            Contextual menu pops up and goes away.
            Big buttons.

            The hardware is ready for control: the radio might be RadioShark, which now has a widget, or better yet the car's radio since that will get better reception and in some cases the RDS data can be read. There are XM and Sirius receivers that have (or can have) serial interfaces, and phones can be controlled via Bluetooth.

            All we need is the widget. Any links to an ICE widget development project?


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              Originally posted by Scouse Monkey
              I run about 5 widgets on my P3 700 and dont notice any slowdowns. From what i hear they are quite efficient.
              Scouse - you realize this is in the Mac section, right? You can't run Mac widgets on a P3 700...yet.

              Originally posted by ghettocruzer
              I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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                o SNAP!!!
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                  Damn dont talk about Scouse like that, he musta been high or something.

                  As for the man who dont like touchscreens, thats a really small minority on here because most DO find it efficient and easier to control with a touchscreen than with say a mouse or keybord while driving.

                  Now voice navi is cool, but you gotta do that one on your own.

                  As for the widget idea, its neat, but why not just write a simple program instead. Widgets = tiny programs, and if you gonna program a widget to be a GUI frontend, why not just make a stand alone app? Widgets aint for all time on screen use, they can be made for that purpose, but I dont think its using the OS to its maximum potential.
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                    not so sure about the widgets

                    ^^^ He prolly meant "G", as in G3 700.

                    As far as the widget idea goes, it'll probably be much better to just create a dedicated full screen app because you'll need to eliminate the menu bar and dock to free up the maximum amount of screen real estate and you'll not want to have to worry about accidentally launching another app while driving.

                    I also think that the Dashboard won't always be active so it makes for tedious control. It is true that they are fairly easy to create, but learning Objective-C and Cocoa is ultimately going to be the only way to create a feature rich, well laid out controller.


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                      At this moment JDKARR01 and Jirka Jirout are talking about an application what also can load and display widgets. see here


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                        Actually, YOU MAC ****ERS , I do mean an INTEL PENTIUM III 700mhz RUNNING WINDOWS XP-Pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



                        Widgets are not just a MAC thing so building a carPC frontend based on them is not just for MACs


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                          Hahah that's great.


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                            ya dashboard is pretty much ripped. I quit using konfab a while ago, but now it's completely free so i've tinkered with it some more. I guess I just don't find it that useful.
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