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new Mac..and I feel I have gone back to the stone age!

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  • new Mac..and I feel I have gone back to the stone age!

    Hi Guys...

    Itís my first post here in this part of the forum.

    I have a working ITX PC with a touchscreen in my van running Map Monkey...perfectly.

    Itís great... I love it. and I get no hassle from my little XP system in there.

    I was in the states earlier this month...and i bought a 12" G4 Powerbook.

    I was simply getting sick of viruses...and all the hassle that Windows PC's get if you go online.

    I stand by XP though...its quite OK...IF you don't go online...and pick up all the **** that is on there. I have a standalone PC running XP...that has never been online...its been running for two years without a re-start...and works great.

    Every MAC owner that I spoke to said that problems were much less..or "0" with a MAC...even without virus protection.

    So I made the leap...and I really like it for some things (Pro Music and video)

    It simply did thing straight out of the box...that I have been struggling with on PC for the last two years.

    Last weekend...I had to make a trip from Glasgow to King's Lynn.

    I couldn't use my own van....and had to use a bigger rental van.

    I was forced to use Route 66 with my GPS BU-303 mouse and the MAC

    I plugged it in...loaded the drivers...and it worked.

    But Route 66 is painful to route voice prompts!

    I have read around this part of the forum...and it seems that this is the only piece of GPS software available for MAC.

    Is this really true?

    OK...I won't need it that often...but it would be handy for and again.


    M10000 mainboard,256 RAM, 80 Gig 3.5" drive, PWS-120-M, ITPS, Lilliput 7" touchscreen, XP Pro SP2, Frodoplayer, Map Monkey, InfoMap Navigator 4, WIFI

    Current: Bluetooth. Trying to get Phonecontrol to work with SE T610.

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    Unforunately, yes. Route 66 is the only native Mac navigation program.

    Some are trying to get the Linux gps to work, but it has even less features then Route 66. We are hoping one of the major navigation software companies comes around and makes a Mac version.

    I also agree about XP. If left alone from the Net, its fine with quality hardware. After that, it looses its stability. *Note: not starting a flame war here, just commenting back...I could see them happening*

    Thanks for stopping by:-) If you have any questions or progress you would like to share, feel free to ask.
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      glad to see that youve moved to the superior software and hardware.

      you could always set up voice prompt applescripts to warn you about certain events happening in the program. but that would take a bit too much programming for a newblood


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        Depending on the memory you have on your PowerBook, you can run Virtual PC to have that GPS app. PiperCub reported that it works okay on the Mac Mini for GPS if you have a lot of memory to dedicate to it.
        Originally posted by ghettocruzer
        I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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