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Help w/ my 700TSV

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  • Help w/ my 700TSV

    Hey, I'm having problems getting my Mac mini (running 10.4) to detect my Xenarc 700TSV. I used the Xenarc touchkit drivers first (they installed fine, but it still doesn't detect the touchscreen) and then I downloaded the driver off the xenarc site, but still it doesn't detect the touchscreen. The image is great, but I just can't get it to detect the touchscreen part of the monitor. Any suggestions? Anybody else get this problem?

    - Sean

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    No problems here with my Xenarc 8". Check under Apple Menu --> About this Mac --> More Info --> USB to see if the device is actually on the USB bus and seen by the Mac. If it is, it's a driver issue.
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      It doesn't show up on my USB bus, but I checked the signal on the USB cable and I seem to be getting one, so I don't know what to do next. I tried two different macs and it didn't show up on either.

      - sean


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        try it on a regular pc and see what happens. if it reads it your usb device is ok...if it doesnt that means the controller is dead. if the device is ok than its a mac/driver issue.
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          Xenarc 700TSV

          I noticed the instructions said to install the drivers first, and then reboot, and then plug in the usb cable to the Mac. Having done this, the Xenarc (and touchscreen interface) worked fine on my new MacMini. Sorry for the lack of insightful detailed help...


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            still good to know...
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