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Steering Wheel Controls?

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  • Steering Wheel Controls?

    anyone tried incorperating your car's stock steering wheel controls to control your mini? i was thinking of cracking open one of the griffin knobs and seeing if there might be a way to patch in the leads off the steering wheel buttons? i really just want to be able to control the volume but mute and source switching would be awesome.

    just wondering if anyone has tried it or might know a good way to do it.

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    There are steering wheel learning remote kits, one of them is this one:

    It can learn and remote funtion, all you need is a remote like the ones Apple sells at the store with the IR receiver.



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        is there anyway to get the cruise control buttons to work with iTunes etc?


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          Not really unless youre willing to open them up and do some mods, but that would be hard. Look at my other post regarding steering wheel controls and youll get an idea. You can get an aftermarker steering wheel remote like the one from Pioneer and use iRed software and IRTrans to program it to work with any mac iApp.