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Sleep issues (mini and xenarc 7" tsv)...

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  • Sleep issues (mini and xenarc 7" tsv)...

    I just wanted to first say thank you to the wonderful people here for hosting and posting on a forum for us carputer enthusiasts: THANK YOU!

    I just purchased most of the items needed (many from and am running in test mode on my desk - hoping to install this weekend or early next week. Here is what I am working with:

    Mac Mini (new with superdrive / airport / bluetooth)
    Xenarc 7" TSV
    Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse (Apple Keyboard and Logitech mouse)
    BU-353 USB GPS
    Still undecided on USB Hub (using belkin mini hub for now, but will switch to powered hub per Carnetix god's suggestions. Want to build a small hub into the lower dash where a useless slot currently sits empty.)
    P1900 and +5v adapter (none of the power stuff is hooked up yet)
    Audigy 2 NX (waiting for to receive it and ship to me - seems to be out of stock everywhere, so I hope they come through! They've been great so far.)

    I've had the Mini on my desk for a week and have been loading software on it (GPS via Route 66 - salling clicker on Treo 650 for controlling system via phone - bluetooth DUN over Treo for surfing from road passenger only of course - etc)... Everything is working great. Got the Xenarc yesterday and hooked it up. Used the DisplayConfigX and cscreen to get the native resolution working 800x480x60Hz. Installed latest touch screen drivers. All tested and working great.

    I had been testing sleep before I received the Xenarc screen and it worked fine. However, now that the Xenarc is hooked to the Mini when I put the system to sleep (Apple - Sleep) it appears that the Mac tries to go to sleep, but the Xenarc awakens it again. I've removed the hub and had only Xenarc plugged in and the Mini will not stay asleep... If I turn the Xenarc screen off first via its power button and then put the Mini to sleep via Salling Clicker from my phone - the Mac goes and stays asleep. I've tried via power button and Apple-Sleep and Mini always wakes up as the Xenarc says PC - Power Off and then it flashes and comes back on waking the Mini... The Mini is hooked to the Xenarc via the included VGA and USB cables. I've read through the forum for sleep issues, but haven't quite found this particular issue. The Mac is set to sleep when the Power button is pressed. I turned wake on Ethernet off... also have tried with and without the bluetooth wake setting, but no diff. I'll leave bluetooth waking on if there is no difference, so I can work it from the phone. Perhaps this problem will go away once the power to the Xenarc and Mini are run to the P1900, but wanted to get everything perfect and tested BEFORE installing. This seems to be the big one (that and figuring out how Route 66 works... lol).

    Any thoughts?

    I'm really excited about getting this into my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee and will post pics of the before/during/after nature as possible. Thank you in advance for your help, and if I missed a thread in my search, I apologize.


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    Do you have the P1900 configured so that the display will be powered off before the Mac mini goes to sleep? You have to set 2 jumpers right for this. It's described in the manual. I don't have the correct jumper settings here now.



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      No, it's not in the car just yet. I have it setup on my desk, so both the Mini and the Xenarc are plugged into power at home. But it does sound like the P1900 will take care of my issue, which is great news. Can anyone confirm that this sounds right? I haven't yet read the manual for the P1900, but I will when I get home. Thanks for the heads up!



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        If you have access to a AC to 12V DC supply (I had an old one lurking around the garage), try wiring everything up with the P1900. This is how I'll be bench testing probably Sunday night. I believe the P1900 cuts power to the touchscreen so it would remove the possibility of USB input waking the mini (unless the TS is bus powered and only LCD power is cut. Unlikely, I know, but I'm not positive on this). I actually got the additional 5V rail, so even if the touchscreen IS bus powered, I just plan to plug it in through the powered hub.
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          I have the screen connected to power from the car and the Mac mini through the P1900... if I kill the power the screen goes off and after a preset time in the P1900 the Mini falls asleep (using the powerbutton kit and setting OSX to have the Mini sleep when you hit the powerbutton).

          Will that Audigy work with OSX? Never knew should be much better than the iMic I use for audio out ...


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            Toss the iMic man. The Audigy won't work, but there are two by M-Audio USB interfaces (Transit and Sonica, I believe) that will. There are also the less known Edirol UA-1X (older 16bit) and UA-1EX. I'll be using the latter Edirol interface, simply because outputs 24bit through stereo RCA instead of the 7.1 surround 1/8" mini jacks. Makes it a lot easier to connect to the RCA Aux-in on my Clarion, just a straight RCA cable (monstercable, of course ) It also costs about $50 less than the Sonica. While the 7.1 of the sonica would be great for the house (read "dorm"), I can't imagine being able putting it to good use in the car, particulary a small sedan, with no intent to install rear deck speakers, a center channel, or a sub. I'll just let my headunit take care of divying up the right sounds to the right speakers. Not seen much about the Transit, I imagine it's in about the same ballpark as the UA-1EX.
            MY04 Subaru WRX, San Remo Red,
            Mac Mini carputer (Macindash) nearly complete. Current capabilities: Media playback, touchscreen interface, dual OS via VPC, iGuidance navigation. Future plans: Video capture, OBD-II interface, more racing stuff.


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              Cool, I'm off shopping for better audio... thanks


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                I've read a few people were running the Audigy. The software and special feaatures aren't available for the Mac, but I read that it works well as a soundcard without any drivers. Thanks for the info on the other audio interfaces - I'll check those out.


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                  I have a Xenarc connected to my Mac Mini in the car with the P1900. It works fine. I've got the screen hooked to the P1900 for power.

                  My guess is what is happening is that the USB touchscreen is waking the Mini. Any change in USB activity will wake the Mini from sleep. For example, even with the ignition off in my car, if I click the Powermate, the Mini will wake up.

                  Try unplugging the touchscreen with your desktop setup and sleeping the Mini. If it sleeps, you'll know that it's USB activity on the touchscreen that is waking it. Setting the P1900 up properly will eliminate this problem.
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                  I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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                    Well, the Audigy 2NX is out of stock at (and everywhere else on Earth), so I've ordered the Edirol UA-1EX (thank you SanRemoRex). I'll let everyone know what my experience is with this USB external sound card. I am doing the install Tuesday and Wednesday, so I should know pretty soon!

                    I just finished setting the jumpers on the Carnetix P1900 (using P5V also). Wish I could find a hub that ran only off the AC plug. I can't seem to find a switchable power input selection as an option for any USB/Firewire hubs... seems they all will run off either the AC adapter OR USB power. Mike at Carnetix has mentioned that this will definitely degrade battery over time. I think I'm going to have to order an Optima Deep Cycle battery just to be on the safe side. I think I'm going to run a USB/Firewire hub to the Carnetix P5V, and have a second small USB hub mounted in the dash hooked up to the first hub. Any currently available USB/Firewire hubs that you know about that are AC only (or switchable power input), please let me know!


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                      Hi JSD303,

                      I am very interested in your install as I am pretty much trying to do your exact install in the same car. My install will begin in about 2 weeks, because I am waiting until the new Mac mini with Intel Yonah is released on January 9th.

                      Where are you planning on installing the Mac mini. I was thinking of installing it under the drivers seat, but the glove box should work as well. Do you have the Boston sound system or standard, are you leaving it or replacing it with upgraded speakers? How are you planning on installing the monitor? I purchased a new dashboard piece with NAV cutout from and am planning on mounting the Xenarc headrest shroud behind it to keep the monitor in place and look decent. My installer doesn't do any fab work so I think it's the best I can do. From the equipment in your setup, it seems like you are utilizing a HU and then going out to the speakers. Are you doing this to get surround sound or what is the purpose of doing that rather than just going straight into the amp?

                      Alright, I think that's enough questions for now, I hope I haven't bombarded you. Just really interested to hear what you are doing and how you are accomplishing it. Thanks for your input and knowledge.

                      Best Regards,


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                        Hi Adam -

                        I'm installing in the glove box - I wanted access to the computer's DVD slot (either by reaching over or having the passenger handle it). My jeep has the standard speakers - I'm replacing them all with Focal speakers, and JLAudio 10w3 subs in the trunk. The guy I'm working with is doing the sub boxes in vinyl to make them look like the current factory leather. He's also doing the dash fab work (glove mod to hold the Mini but still give me access and removal - mounting the Hubs (usb/firewire hub under dash but not visible and the small Kensington usb hub in that little slot at the bottom of our dash console) - and he's redoing the dash to make the screen look like it belongs - I got the shroud, but I think he's got other ideas lol). I'm hoping the external Edirol usb audio interface will give me better sound than the built-in audio out of the Mini. I can either do a cable straigh out of that built-in port to RCA (have monster cable) or use the USB Edirol and use its RCA outs to the Amps (JLAudio 500/1 for subs and JLAudio 300/4 for Focals).

                        I also found tonight that my installers carry Optima batteries, so I'm going to go ahead and get a Red Top under the hood and a Yellow Top built into the back area near the subs box - both batteries are built for slow drain, so hoping that helps with some of the usb-powered hub issues that I'm anticipating while the Mini sleeps. At least it will buy me time while I look for a different hub - or don't if it handles the drain well or Mike from Carnetix figures out how to make me a USB cable that won't supply power - hehe. I'm powering the Mini with the Carnetix P1900 (+18 to Mac, +12 to Screen, +5 to Hub).

                        My install starts tomorrow and will go through Wednesday - I sure hope they can get it done by Wednesday night. I'll take pictures tomorrow morning before they get started, and I have permission to stop by and take some pictures during the process. Of course, I'll also have pics of the finished product when all is said and done.

                        Hope that helps and feel free to ask any other questions or make any comments or suggestions you have! I'll be really excited to see and hear about your ideas and experience.



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                          Hi John,

                          I just finished ordering all the equipment, except the main piece of course, the Mac, and decided on a Kicker SX700.4 amp for the stock Boston's (will probably replace the speakers after hearing them) and a Kicker KX1200.1 for my dualie 10"L5s that will be hooked in parallel so I get 1Ohm. I'm replacing the current battery with a Yellow Top and ordered a 5 Farad Cap to help with power issues. I'm hoping not to have to replace the stock 160 amp alternator.

                          I'm anxious to see your photos! Your install started today, right? How's it going? Any areas needing extra work or is it going smoothly? Let me know what you find on the external sound card, any better than straight out? Looking forward to your update and any pointers.

                          Best Regards,


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                            Things are going well... got the Edirol UA-1EX sound interface today and ran it over to the installers (they hadn't hooked up the power supply yet) so its late arrival worked out okay... Looks like they'll have it until tomorrow. It's a mess now - all apart and cables and equipment and dust. I can see it shaping up though, and I think it's going to be nice. I've been by a few times to take pics along the way... I have a feeling we might get to the computer tonight (gotta get the USB sound interface set as the out for sound, but I don't think the installer really knows Macs). Excited that it's coming along. He worked out a nice way of mounting the Mini from the top left corner of the glove(secured to the metal above). The Mini just slides into it (snugly). The box he's building for the back is awesome looking so far (wood frame which will be covered in interior-matching vinyl). The box fits nicely behind the trap door for slush in the back of the Jeep - so that's still usable. To make the box more narrow the speakers fire backwards towards the back of the vehicle (was going to do downfiring but they take up too much room).

                            Probably will head back there later tonight to see how the thing is coming... I'm hoping that they get all the cables correct to the P1900!! I labeled everything (every usb cable, every port, every AC adapter, everything)... lol Masking tape on everything... gave them tons of documentation.

                            And if anyone has good ideas for names, please jump in.. lol We did a brainstorm and had iJeep, Jeepintosh (outlawed due to pioneer Pathintosh), MacJeep, MacinJeep and a bunch of other ideas. It could be cool or just lame enough to be funny. Have at it...



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                              Well, I went by last night and I must say I'm very impressed with the way things are starting to come together! BTW a word about the audio installer (John) - his girlfriend has a G4 so he has some familiarity with Macs after all. Guess I should keep quiet til I know what I'm talking about.. lol When I went by last night he was finishing up the P1900 and was hoping to have the Mac setup for some testing. Today they'll be dropping the woofers into the new box and setting the amps up and putting the final touches on the alarm (remote start etc.). The alarm seems to be one of the tougher parts of the install (alarm) because of the one-wire technology used (inherited when Chrysler purchased Mercedes).

                              The design guy (Elroy) is amazing. The box he's made to hold the Amps, Woofers, Battery etc is gorgeous!! The innovative glove design to hold the Mac securely, yet allow me access to the DVD drive and the ability to pull it out, is great.. His dash work for the screen looks beautiful, too.

                              I'll be heading by today at lunch to see how things are progressing and to take more pics. Hopefully, I can hear how it sounds at lunch! Should be done by tonight, so I'm completely excited to get my Jeep back with new system installed.

                              I've registered a Flickr account, so when all is said and done I'll post pics to a website for viewing the process. Hopefully by this weekend we'll have some nice shots to kick around! Any other comments or suggestions are appreciated!