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Got a mini for Christmas now

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  • Got a mini for Christmas now

    What do I need? My girlfriend bought me a 1.42 from apple with BT and Wifi.
    I am going to fiberglass my new radio console this week as soon as I get my new screen housing0l33l

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    You need a screen: Xenarc or Lilliput are popular choices

    You need a power supply: Carnetix P1900

    Keyboard and mouse (bluetooth, of course)

    You're done.

    Oh need to have your gf call my wife and explain what a GOOD Christmas gift is.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      LOL Bugbyte!

      In addition to Bugbyte's suggestions, I would also throw in a USB GPS and Route 66 software... If you listen to the radio a lot, then get a RadioShark (my reception is mediocre with it in the dash)... Definitely get a PowerMate or something similar to control your music while you drive. You'll probably need amps to power your stock speakers if you don't have one already... and if your stock speakers aren't good, then you'll need new ones of those too.

      Hope that helps some... Read these forums and you'll have plenty of ideas! Good luck with your project and please check in with progress updates and pics when completed!



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        Well she is great, she made Christmas really special! She added a Lilliput, Apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse because she didn't like the computer not being used as it was a gift and all (I guess it is a female thing). She was going to purchase the monitor from mp3car but they are sold out, so she turned to ebay.

        Remaining items to purchase(please chime in if I am overlooking anything):

        Carnetix P1900
        So I am going to purchase a Carnetix P1900 myself after all the custom fabrication is done. How do I wire this power supply? Is this good enough for, monitor power and usb to optical audio card/devise?

        Navigation/Virtual PC with Windows XP:
        She is getting iguidence for her ipaq (yes she is a tech head and blond, what else could a guy ask for) so i assume with my Virtual PC i can run this for Navigation as soon as I upgrade the memory.

        1 Gig Memory upgrade:
        Do I need specail Ram for mac mini? Cheapest price I have seen is on DealRam for $75 shipped, 1 gig.

        USB or Bluetooth GPS:
        What is my best option here? Are people getting better results with bluetooth, or am i creating more conflicts? What have people gotten to work with Virtual PC?

        Well to be honest, I am really lost here. I guss I have several options, but would like the cleanest sound possible. What is the best way to go without spending a ton of extra money? BTW, I have an 00 passport/rodeo


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          1. Nice going on a great find - a man can do a lot with a good woman by his side.

          2. I'm hearing WAY too much VirtualPC ::smile:: ... Personally, I'd try to do as much as possible with native Mac apps. If there is a PC application you need, most of the time there is a Mac equivalent. So, tell us what you need/want to do and perhaps we can point the way. VPC eats a ton of memory and CPU to run a buggy OS imho.

          3. Carnetix RULES. The support alone is worth the price of admission. Mike is helpful and backs his stuff. You'll need the P1900 and the P5V - this will power the Mini, Screen and usb hub or device. The diagrams and manuals are online at

          4. I currently use three bluetooth devices in my setup (keyboard, mouse, Treo 650.) I connect to the Internet over bluetooth through the 650 - and also use Salling Clicker to control the Mac from the phone. I'm sure whatever way you decide to go (USB or BT) you'll be fine.

          5. For audio you can spend as little or as much as you want. You can go USB external sound card RCA out to Amp to speakers... or even internal sound out (RCA) to amp to speakers. I'm not an audio installer, but I think that's generally the idea.

          6. If you are running a lot of USB devices that draw power over USB while the computer sleeps it will cause a slow drain on your battery. You might want to invest in a couple Optima deep cycle batteries ($200ea.) and a battery isolator, so that it is less of an issue.

          Hope that helps and good luck!