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  • Setup for Scion XB

    I have been searching around for a while and thinking for sometime now what to do with my XB. Well i have figured it out. Put a Mac Mini in it. I want to be able to use it for iTunes, watching DVD's, and navigation.

    Is there a thread with a step by step instructions for what to purchase and how to hook this stuff up? I have been searching thru and can not find one.

    I have a double din stereo that I want to take out and place a touch screen there and install a stereo in a cubby hole. Then under the cubby attach a shelf to hold the mini.

    Or i would like to place the mini behind the screen but the screen would have to be on some type of swivle system so that i can access the mini.

    any thoughts or help would be greatly appriciated.

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    buddy, you're gonna have to do more work than make a single post asking for step by step instructions.

    I don't think navi is too great with the far as I know, Route 66 is the only software and it's not that great.

    good luck and get ready to get flamed.

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      So what you are saying is there are no friendly people here on this forum?
      I would think there would be someone here who has thought....there should be a standard out of the box type setup that people could read so that the new people would not ask over and over what and how do i do this.

      For example: these items will get you started.

      and so on.

      same goes for hooking it up. I am not talking about installing just putting it together to work.


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        These items will get you started.

        1. The FAQ forum
        2. The Search page
        3. Forum specifically for your needs, ie. the Mac forum
        4. Show off project forum. Some Mac installs there. Check out Bugbytes's ride.
        5. The Search page again
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          your gonna need something to convert the 12v feed from ur cars alternator to an 18v one for the computer. also will need to power the monitor and most likely a usb hub if you want more than 2 usb ports (which one will be used for the toutchscreen if u decide to go that way.

          as for the shelf idea id rethink that. you need a decent amount of room to fit the computer DEFINATLY if u plan on using that huge shelf thing. i mounted my mini near the passangers feet under the glovebox which was great for wiring and access purpouses (you need enough room to easily insert/remove cd's and change wires etc.)

          as for step by step. you can use this

          1. monitor of choice
          2. computer
          3. p1900 (or any other power converter)
          4. patience when things don't fit/sit/turn on/work the way they should
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