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Finally! the intel macs arrive

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  • Finally! the intel macs arrive

    He guys just heard about the new intel macs and thought I would post in case anyone here missed it, theres two new macs, a laptop called a macbook pro and an Imac similar to the G5. they have an intel core duo processor built from 2 pentium M processor cores and are lightning fast at 1.67 and 1.83 Ghz.

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    Originally posted by bcohen5055
    2 pentium M
    Actually it is the Yonah processor which Intel just released. They are different from the M processors. And 1.83Ghz is far from "lightning fast" when you look at other PC laptops that have up to 3Ghz chips. What is nice (and what will make it appear faster than many higher speed laptops) is that it is one of the few dual processor (dual-core in this case) laptops and OSX is far superior to Windows in managing multi-processors at the OS level (though Linux is still a bit better).

    Now that Macs are starting to use Intel chips, it will be interesting to see:

    1) Intel Mac vs similar G5 each running identical native tests.
    2) Windows/Linux vs Intel OSX tests with native Intel OSX binaries.

    The first will truely show the performance between Intel and RISC with out the apples/oragnes rants about the OS.

    The second will allow for the OSs themselves to be compared.

    But in the end it all matters what you are doing and how well your Apps of choice are written to determine which system is the fastest for you (yes I have seen code that was written so poorly that it ran faster on a single processor machine than it did on a multi-processor (the single was about 120Mhz slower too)).

    Personally I was hoping for the Mini's to come out so I could pick up a nice reliable G4 model on the cheap It will be a long time before I have Intel inside anything but my trash can (I recognise that they have overcome issues for Apple that IBM couldn't, but I prefer the RISC design over x86).

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      I also hoped that Steve Jobs gonna say some thing about Mac mini, at least a few words maybe. grrr.... and I don't think it gonna be before the second quarter. I gonna order mine next week, hopefully.