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SwitchRes X and Mac MINI and Prius

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  • SwitchRes X and Mac MINI and Prius

    So I'm trying to get a Mac MINI hooked up to my Prius's MFD. The MFD requires 640x480i at 15.75khz. Right now I have an old Powerbook Titanium 800mhz and a IBM thinkpad T42 to do my prototyping. I've successfully gotten my IBM with the use of PowerStrip to output in the right frequencies to display on the Prius, but I can't get SwitchRes X to work on my powerbook.

    My ultimate goal is to hook up a Mini, but I don't know if I'll be able to get it to display the right signal. Anyone out there with a Mini and SwitchRes X able to see if it will support that resolution? On my powerbook I can configure the resolution, but when I reboot it's not available for me, which according the SwitchRes X it means the graphics card won't support that mode.

    Does anyone know of other macs out there that will support that mode? I really want Front Row on my Prius. I'd rather not go the PC way.