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  • Mac mini project started...

    well after doing my homework and reading all the stuff all you guys have posted (thanks ..tons of good stuff here)..i strted my project..

    i got some goodies:
    lilliput 7" touchscreen

    M audio Sonica Theater - 7.1 surround sound USB


    gps receiver

    even started my bezel.. is the butchered double din kit (American International - LXSK1315) i cut off some parts to it.

    here's the extra housing i bought plus the butchered double din...i'm going to combine the two.

    i decide to use bondo cause i didn't want to make it into a big compicated project..

    i decide not to bondo the whole bezel so i simplified it...

    ok here is the bezel sanded and primed
    now i just have to match the oem color of the console...

    ...well back to all the other stuff i have left to do...

    oh this is going in a lexus GS...

    oh and Bugbyte (thanks)..i took your advise...i'm making the dock myself and i'm doing it out of aluminum...

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    well..since i'm such a perfectionist went back and re-bondo'd the bezel and resanded it again...

    checking the fitment and finishing up the bracket,..had to finesse the fitment because i wanted to retain the monitor buttons..Everyone i have seen has removed or relocated them...well it fit great except for a minor issue but hey i'm happy...on to the next part... mac mini dock in the glove compartment...
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      couple of more shots
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        and some more
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          and some more fitment shots....
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