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Sirius + Mac Mini???

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  • Sirius + Mac Mini???

    I read thorugh a few of posts but was unable to find an answer to this question. Is it to anyone's knowledge possible to connect the alpine sirius tuner to a mac mini (or any apple running OS X) as with a pc? Would the same pc adapter work with the addition of a serial-usb adapter(I really don't think this would work but thought I'd ask anyway)? If that's not possible any other adapters or tuners which would? What front end software if any is there? If you have this information please post answers. Holding off on my car's mac mini install until this is possible. I wish to install and run all wires in a single install. Switching to XM is not a choice so hopefully I can get somewhere with a little advice.

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    The serial port isn't a big problem, but the front end app is. According to the FAQ there's just one PC app that supports controlling the Alpine tuner via the serial port, and no Mac apps. Unless you plan to write the Mac app I'd say you're out of luck.


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      No Sirius that I've found, but XM...

      And you can still get the USB module;

      Hope this helps,



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        VPC Does it

        I have Sirius running through vpc... I have the pc frontend "Roadrunner" doing sirius/gps (inav). All my music/net/videos/phone are run on the mac side. Sirius works great w/ help from Mitch! He was a huge help! Really stuck behind what he sold me! I'm using the usb version of the tuner , so not sure about the serial version. He said it should be very easy to port the sirius app to mac w/ java, but neither of us know how to code for mac. I've been hoping a mac person w/ sirius would port it... No luck so far. I'm still happy the way it's working now. I can't wait til we have everything working on macs w/out the need for vpc


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          It looks like this person has sirius running on his mac.

          Hopefully this helps.


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            he is only running serious through Windows on a intel mac mini.
            Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!