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PSU interfering with alarm

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  • PSU interfering with alarm

    this is also posted under power supplies. wanted to see what the mac users had to say.

    Hey guys, my PSU is interfering with my alarm system. I have carnetix 1900 PSU. Currently I have to stand right next to the car for the keyless entry to open or close doors. When I unplug the PSU, alarm works perfectly fine. Anyone else have this problem? And where are you guys mounting the PSU. I have it sitting right in the middle of the car, close to the shifter. The alarm module is behind the brake/gas pdeals. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    We recommend grounding your P1900 directly to the car chassis with a short, heavy gauge wire similar in size to the battery connection on the input of the P1900, or running a heavy gauge wire directly back to the battery ground. If the P1900 is grounded only to the cig lighter ground wire you are inducing a lot of interference into your car's wiring which could potentially interfere with your alarm as well as other electronic devices.