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mount screen to mini for portability

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  • mount screen to mini for portability

    I would like to use my carputer in both of my cars and would like to be able to slide it into and out of both of them with ease.

    -I know I can build a custom mount for them in each car. This will probably be in an enlarged din slot on both cars. Maybe with a little slider type thing and a locking type a pressure lock that you put on cabinets for little kids so they can't get in them. So I could slide it into the slot and it would click into place.
    -I would like to mount the screen on the mini so I can pull it in and out as one piece. I'm thinking a hinge with sliders type the ones some people have on the doors of entertainment centers. When I take it out of the car I can fold it down and slide it back to put in a bag or something.
    -1-5 minutes is my goal for switching it in and out.

    Has anyone tried something like this? Does anyone have any hardware ideas for this?
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    Depends on whether you want to manually connect the cables or have it automatically "dock".

    Here is a link to the dock that has been around for a while:

    Here is an insanely expensive one for sale:

    Here is one for manual connections that we use for our Mac mini install:


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      I think I'll do it manually...i'll only be changing the thing every couple of days

      As for the hinge I think I might have to fab my own...the ones for entertainment centers are at best 12" short. I could always cut one of those though and ad a bumper to its slider rail.
      Project completion 10%...own the mac mini. Currently writing lots of applescript. My for sale thread


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        I built a dock for mine. You can see it in my link below. It may be more work than you want to do, but it works really well so far.
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