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Awesome wifi app. great for wardriving

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  • Awesome wifi app. great for wardriving

    Coconut Wifi is an awesome app!!! must download [free]
    what it does is add a menu at the top of the screen. It desplays how many UNSECURE, yes, unsecure wireless hot spots that are within your airports wireless range.

    so no more kismac or continuously clicking on airport's wifi statuts thingie.

    now they just need a widget form of this app.
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    For very precise mapping I use:
    Will you drive around, KisMac use your GPS and Signal strength to find the exact location of the Hot-Spot. You can even download map directly with KisMac and map all the hot spot and trace everywhere you went. Very Nice. If you have third party WI-FI card, you can do a lot more but I don't use those functions.

    I also bought iStumbler
    They just came out with a new version.

    I have downloaded Coconut Wi-Fi and I will try it soon.

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      wow CoconutWifi is crazy. It's really nice.