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new interface maCar - have a look!!!

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  • new interface maCar - have a look!!!

    Hi Guys,

    When I first started thinking about making my own carputer interface, I started designing this:

    and decided to call it as maCar. But as I found there are several other already have gone far with the development, I stopped doing the redundant work. Now, Iím wondering if you guys and any of the developers thinks it cool, then your are welcome to use this interface. Itís still a .psd file and not finished yet. I can start working on it again if someone gets interested in. Just let me know Iíll send it to you or let me know how do you want this for Xcode. Iím happy to help.


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    yea its nice i would use it but i'm making my own.....but good job
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      can we get a copy

      Hey i was wondering if we could get a copy of each time you make an upgrade? or at least your start so that we can help.
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        it looks like alot more developers have showd up over the last month, we might be onto something (or a few things) so hopefully we can have a nice, usable frontend.
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          Originally posted by viper24
          so hopefully we can have a nice, usable frontend.
          I too, think the same way - why don't we put our head together and finish the work so that it becomes usable to everybody and we thank ourselves. Cheers!!!


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            I'd like your *.psd file. Check out this link I started yesterday.

            I put out a request for just this type of thing. The more GUI ideas I can get, the better. You can grab my email address in that thread and send the file to that address if you don't mind.

            Thanks man.
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