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New Mac Mini on Feb. 28th! Hopefully...

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  • New Mac Mini on Feb. 28th! Hopefully...

    "We believe Apple will take the opportunity to round out its Intel Mac portfolio 6 - 9 months ahead of plan with a new widescreen consumer notebook (likely called "MacBook") and entry-level Mac mini, both of which will include a remote control and Front Row software," analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a research note released to clients early Wednesday morning.
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    Front row would be a nice packaged addition.


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      it will be interesting to see if they use the same form factor or if the new intel minis are either smaller or larger than the existing units.
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        Well since a carputer doesnt really require THAT much computing power. I think this is a good thing for us because it will drop the original Mini's prices by alot.

        There is still some speculation as to whether the mini will have the CoreDuo or the CoreSolo Intel chip.

        In any event, a brand spanking top of the line Mini is truly overkill and I would be hard pressed not to think anyone who bought a Mini Intel Mac as a spoiled rich kid, seeing as how the originals work just as well for a cheaper price.

        Apples aint cheap comparitively so saving $ is a good thing aint it?
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          But are you guys really sure about some announcement for Mini on 28th? I just ordered mine a few days ago and awaiting delivery sometime early next week. Can't figure out if it's good or bad


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            I'd hold off opening it until the announcement on the 28th, that way if they do announce the new mini you can exchange it. My thoughts are the price point would have to be either the same or it would have to be cheaper. Otherwise it won't sell...


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              Well, just received now, but not opening it until next couple of hours..
              Any further news update on this?


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                This site says the "event" is at 10:00am Pacific.
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                  Did you guys see this before?


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                    yeah I think it's coming out today, the only concern I would have is whether it's got a ipod dock on top of it. I'm sure the price will be the same...