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  • More Intel Mac driver news

    I pinged M-Audio about Sonica Theater drivers for the Intel Macs. Here is their response.

    We have released Intel Mac compatible drivers for many of our audio and MIDI devices already, and drivers for the rest of our product line will be out ASAP. This is our top priority at the moment, however we cannot rush the testing process.
    So nothing yet and no general ideas as to when.

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    Yea, I have been looking all over for this driver. Anyone have any luck?


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      For the people that end up here searching on google just like I have... here is the official answer:


      I don't have good news for you today. Here's what the US send me:

      Unfortunately, there will not be support for the Sonica Theater on Mac Intel. I just followed through with Engineering on this exact topic yesterday and they gave me that conclusive answer.

      M-Audio does sincerely apologize for any inconvenience regarding this matter. However, M-Audio continues to offer our users both MIDI and audio interfaces that are compatible with the newer technologies.

      Olivier Doyon,
      Tech Support
      M-audio Canada