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Programmers, how bout a clock?

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  • Programmers, how bout a clock?

    I think alot of us MacCar enthusiasts use Front Row to control our media and I know some people out there have cars/trucks that have external clocks in them or people still have the HU for the time. Unfortunately, my Jeep doesn't have an external clock, the only one was in the HU, which I dumped. Would it be possible for someone to write a simple always-on-top program that just pulled the system clock and displayed it in the same FR font in the top left of the FR screens?

    Right now, I just look at the time on my phone, but it would be nice to see it on the screen in Front Row. Any interest out there to build this?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Did you absolutely require a clock is built into the FR windows? If you just want an always-on-top clock, you can do one of the following:

    You can have OSX display it's clock in a transparent always-on-top window? See the Date & Time preferences.

    You can use one of a million other programs that display a clock on top of all other windows, or in the dock, etc... Search google or versiontracker.

    Good luck!


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      I'm woking on a GUI and it got a digital clock built-in.
      But that's no way a FR like interface.


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        I've got the OS X time displayed in a window, but where can I set the always-on-top setting to see if it shows during Front Row?




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          If you use OS X 10.4.5 and select ďSystem Pref > Date & Time > Clock > Display in: WindowĒ then automatically itís always on top during other operations including Dashboard. I donít have FR installed on my PowerBook here, so I canít confirm but I donít think it gonna work the same way with FR. I can confirm when I get back home or maybe some one else in the mean time.....


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            No, it does not show up over Dashboard or Front Row.


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              I've thought about integrating some extra stuff into my Front Row Remote... a clock could easily go on that list. Wait and see.


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                um...if you guys want a always on top semi transparent clock i can prob whip something up. Just give me a photoshop idea.
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