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    Okay guys I thought that I would start a thread just for apple script. Alot of people are trying to work with it. I myself are trying to learn how to use it with out much luck. I would appreciate it if people can post apple script files or bits of script in order for some of us to learn. I myself especially wana know how to make buttons that can be moved around to where i want them to be.
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    Moving buttons around the screen

    Following is a script that will move a button named "btnMainOne" on window "Main" in application "Test" to position 30, 10. If you are coding directly in the application, you will not need to use the Tell block.

    You can also find out all of the properties of the button by adding "properties of x" to the script. They will display in the properties window of script editor.

    Matt Neuberg's book "Applescript: The Definitive Guide" is an invaluable resource for AS information.

    tell application "Test"
    set x to button "btnMainOne" of window "Main"
    set position of x to {30, 10}
    end tell
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