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mac mini core solo enough for bootcamp?

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  • mac mini core solo enough for bootcamp?

    i have been contemplating purchasing a mac mini to use to bootcamp into winxp for carpc use, i wanted to go with the near cheapest configuration, that is a core solo, 1gig ram and maxed hd.

    i was also thinking about replacing my main home pc with a mac mini core duo, maxed ram and maxed hd.

    my main question is (to those of you with core solo mac mini's), is this fast enough to full time boot into winxp via boot camp? eventually when gps software as well as front ends in general mature, i will switch to osx full time. i just want to make sure the core solo is quick enough for winxp use via boot camp. i also saw that you can successfully get 800x480 on the mac minis, which is a definite plus, but only via a mac app called displayconfigx (i think thats what it is called), is there something similar, other than powerstrip (i've had little luck with powerstrip in windows getting 800x480 even with a pci gforce mx400 vid card), for windows?

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    i dont get the point of Boot Camp. But that is all i will say since not realated to your question. I do not own a new intel mini so i cant help in that area.
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      i'm hoping that's enough as well. I just ordered one last week with the same exact config. I know most ppl get the duo, but it seems like overkill for car purposes.


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        A core solo should work fine. There are many laptops that are bundled with an core dou and windows XP, and I haven't heard of any complaints about slow systems. Boot camp is just software that makes dual booting between OSX and Xp easier to install. You shouldn't have any performance decresses compared to a normal windows system with the same hardware.


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          i have a core solo in my mini with 1gb of ram and i can confirm that it runs just fine.

          the only caveat i would bring up, though, is that its possible that since boot camp is in beta it will expire at some point. rumor is that you will be forced to upgrade to the next version to be able to dual boot. this is more for the people who plan on running xp exclusively, but i figured i would throw it out there



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            I have a Mac Mini 1.5 GHz Core Solo 512Mb Ram and OSX and XP (SP2) run just fine! WinXP is capable of running on "very slow old computers" e.g. my old Celeron 600MHz copes easy so the Mac Mini just Powers along!

            Mind you there are the glitches for example I can't get the time to refresh correctly unless I reboot! But I recon the problems encountered are more OS oriented... ;-)

            Mind you the Mac OSX is all you really need... the only thing I do with WinXP is record TV as I haven't found the right software and drivers for use under OSX...

            Hope this helps

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              thanks all! i'm about to order 2 mac minis in the next few weeks.
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