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  • Took the plunge

    Just want to say thanks to alot of people on the board you guys have posted a ton of info. I have decided to make a swith to Mac to use as an in car pc. I purchased a macmini solo today. First ever experince with mac so fo so good. Have a touch screen comming in soon. Upgrading the Mini to 1gb. going to run boatcamp for anything i can't make OSx do. The one thing i have learned from reading about everyones projects is that this stuff takes TIME!

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    Glad to hear it ! The mac is a really great system that just needs to be proven in a car environment (and personally I think it has). Just keep in mind that the mac has a lot less software for car use, but like you said, you can use bootcamp for everything that does not work (like gps :S ). But anyway, good luck with your install and I hope you post loads of pics and info in a worklog here at mp3car forums !
    MacCar progress:
    Planning:-----> [||||||||||||||||||||] 70%
    Parts:---------> [||||||||||||||||||||] 0%
    Construction:-> [||||||||||||||||||||] 0%

    Car broken into... progress is basically zip...