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Garmin GPS Products on Mac?

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  • Garmin GPS Products on Mac?

    Macvroom announced a while ago (Jan 06) that Garmin was going to be bringing some of their GPS products to the Mac platform...

    Anybody know anymore details about when this is going to happen? I haven't been able to find out anymore about it. It would be SWEET to see their GPS application nRoute running on OS X or maybe even hooked up through AMP!

    The Garmin GPS 10 looks like the best option for a Mac Mini in the car. They need to announce this stuff soon cause I'm waiting to purchase my Mini for my Accord until there's a definite kick-*** GPS solution for Mac.

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    OLATHE, KS/June 27, 2006 — Garmin today announced an update on the launch of its application support for Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger." The company’s Training Center software is now expected to be compatible with Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger” by the end of 2006. Also at that time, we will announce the expected completion date for Garmin’s other hardware and software applications. We thank the Mac community for their support, understanding and patience as we work through these unanticipated delays, and we look forward to providing Mac users with direct support for their Garmin products.