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Mini powered by inverter won't start

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  • Mini powered by inverter won't start

    Hi all!
    I have a Mac Mini Intel Core Solo (early 2006) powered by an inverter in my ZUK. It won't start-up! But when I am in the house and on mains power it works fine I have tried all the reset tricks but to no avail, I noticed that some of you guys were having troubles with the CARNETIX PSU but with an inverter??? (that's why I made a new thread)...

    I think that the intel SMC is to blame see THIS

    Does anybody have any sugestions?

    Suzuki Jimny 1.3 VVT - Mac Mini 1.5GHz Intel Core Solo - 7" Newision NW619VT touch screen - 2x200W amp

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    It's obviously not the Mac Mini itself, since it works fine inside.
    I'd say that the inverter is either underpowered or faulty.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      It's not the SMC because the computer works in the house on main power. First suspect is the inverter. Check the power output from the inverter using a MULTI-METER.

      It's also possible that the inverter is either faulty or super cheap and doesn't output the proper waveform to mimic AC power.
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        OK as a procaution I am going to reinstall the OS and make everything neat and tidy... The inverter used to work fine I don't know why it wouldn't any more The other thing I will do is plug it into the mains while it is in the car so I can check it isn't any of the devices that are playing-up and preventing it from starting... (I did have trouble with a griffin powermate that stopped the touch screen from working...)

        The other strange thing is the Mac Mini's fan comes on really loud right from startup... (when it does startup...)

        Suzuki Jimny 1.3 VVT - Mac Mini 1.5GHz Intel Core Solo - 7" Newision NW619VT touch screen - 2x200W amp


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          I think BugByte hit it on the head. Obviously the inverter is cheap and outputs a really bad square wave. The mini says, "hell no. Don't feed me that junk". So it doesn't turn on.

          If it works in the house, then why even suspect the OS!?

          Try getting a direct dc-dc solution, or get a better inverter that outputs a better ac wave.
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