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Black screen on wake with Front Row / Lilliput 619

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  • Black screen on wake with Front Row / Lilliput 619

    I have a last gen PowerPC Mac Mini running Front Row 1.3 connected to a Lilliput 619 LCD. When I have Front Row active and I sleep the system, I get a black screen on wake. If I have exited Front Row before sleeping and the system is sitting in the Finder, the monitor is able to display just fine on wake. This occurs when using either 800 x 600 or a custom 800 x 480. I haven't tried with 640 x 480. The display appears to have some difficulty syncing when booting as well (can display garbage for a while when at the blue screen while booting / logging in). Perhaps there is an issue with this unit (too bad I've already opened it up and integrated it into my car).

    Has anybody else had problems like this? If its just a problem with my unit, now I have a good excuse to upgrade to one of the transreflective displays.


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    I had that exact problem. What i did to fix it was to run the Front Row Remote program wich when executed runs Front Row and on sleep comes up just fine.
    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!