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Touchscreen w/ Intel Mac Mini - Please report success

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  • Touchscreen w/ Intel Mac Mini - Please report success

    I have a DWW-750FM. This contains, I believe, an eGalax touchscreen. Has anyone had success in getting their TouchKit drivers to work on an Intel Mac machine? If so, can you please tell me which screen, which driver version, and which version is reported in the TouchKit application. I am able to get my touchscreen to work if I use an old version of the TouchKit drivers (I tried on a PowerBook G4) but I can't do anything but run the calibration routines with the latest driver beta, The Intel Macs require these newer drivers. I can find the above beta version as well as for them. I've been unable to get it to work with either driver version however. I did try installing the latter version after I had installed the beta so I'm not sure if I deleted all traces of the beta version first which could be the problem.

    The TouchKit application reports version 2.10 for the touchscreen. The pictures in the manual (for 1.0.8, the only one I have) show 2.11, so I'm wondering if my screen is perhaps running older firmware and cannot talk to the newer drivers needed to work with the Intel machines. If so, is the firmware upgradable. I do have access to a Windows machine if that is needed to do an upgrade. I plan on testing the touchscreen with said windows machine this evening, however the version numbers are completely different, so I'm not sure I'll learn anything.

    My system.log has the following two error messages, which may or may not be relevant:

    - USBF: 346.155 IOUSBCompositeDriver[0x3c9ff00] Could not open device (IOUSBDevice)

    - IOUSBInterface: family specific matching fails

    However, both messages show up even when it is on the PowerBook with the older drivers and working.

    Anybody have any thoughts?


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    I've got touchkit working on my Mac (just today actually). I have a Xenarc 700TSV and I'm using the drivers from

    According to Xenarc's website, it's Version 1.10.5214 (04/14/2006).

    I don't know if you could use this version with a different manufacture of screen and honestly I don't know MacOS all that well (I'm a Windows sysadmin) and this is my first mac...and it's going in the car.

    No idea about upgrading the firmware - it can't be done with the Xenarc's without swapping the board.
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      Lilly is ok for intel and ppc. Dunno with xenarc
      rgds, raceer